The Oriental Plaza
Content of interior fitting-out works: The most interior fine fitting-out project of The Oriental Hytte Hotel and 2nd stucture and prime fitting-out engineering of west 1, west 2 and west 3 of the main building of The Oriental Plaza.
Content of exterior fitting-out works:
East area: Four main building and all the stone curtain walls.
West area: All the stone curtain walls and part of the aluminum works.
Intermediate area: All the stone material of three main building.
Intermediate building 1: matching decorative project of all the glass curtain walls (unit linked), metal curtain walls and stone curtain walls.
China Architectural Decoration Engineering Luban Award
Hoel decoration engineering project of Beijing Oriental Plaza won the State Quality Engineering Award in 2002.
Glass curtain wall works of intermediate building 1 of The Oriental Plaza won the Architectural Quality Engineering Award in 2002.